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IMPROV | Quartal voicings et al.

Posted in video with tags , on June 27, 2017 by dukewisdom

The fabulous Rick Beato got me thinking about using quartal voicings (based on 4ths), à la McCoy Tyner on the guitar neck. If you stack diatonic 4ths in G major, for example, you get G C F# B E A going across six strings. Based on A dorian (the second mode of G), you have A D G C F# B across the neck, and so on. Naturally, these sets of notes imply sus4 and +4 chords (among others) throughout the key. Some of this thought pops up in this bit of improv.

Of course it would be preposterous to say that my rambling has a damn thing to do with the great McCoy Tyner, but it’s nice place to start and a good way to bump creativity.