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To degloss one’s neck

Posted in gear, machinery with tags , on March 24, 2015 by dukewisdom

Let’s just be clear: I’ll never be mistaken for a luthier. I mean, really, I sort of despise even changing my own strings. So I’m not really sure where I got the idea that I should undertake something like altering the finish of one of my necks, but that’s what I did. Don’t get me wrong, this procedure isn’t on par with brain surgery or setting up a Floyd Rose, but I still had reservations.

The idea was to make slicker my Michael Kelly Patriot, possessor of a neck most glossy. So I procured some painter’s tape (Scotch), 1000 grit sandpaper (3M), and a beer (Boulevard E.S.B.) and, following the video below (except for the beer part), set about customizing my guitar. It was really easy and took hardly any time. Here are some pics anyway:

I’ve been using the guitar while giving lessons this week and am very pleased so far. Now, to turn this baby into a double-cutaway. Just kidding. Probably.


MACHINERY | ’70s Fender Pro Reverb

Posted in gear, machinery with tags on October 9, 2013 by dukewisdom


Sometime in the late ’80s (I think), a close friend of mind (and fellow guitar fanatic) traded some lesser amp and a couple of shotguns to my dad for this ’77 (I believe) Fender Pro Reverb. For years I told him that if he ever wanted to get rid of the thing, I’d need first shot. Well, he got rid of it, alright: He brought the amp to my place and gave it to me. Thank you, Dave Benscoter. This baby sounds gorgeous.

(In order to not really back up that last statement, here is an iPhone video of the amp in action with a Les Paul. The piece is called “The Human Voice.”)



MACHINERY | Early encounters with Scarlett

Posted in machinery with tags on May 25, 2012 by dukewisdom


Before I had my own model built, Scarlett Amplifiers mastermind Paul Marchman was kind enough to loan me a stack of beautiful gear on occasion. Pictured here is the rig I used for Federation of Horsepower’s set at Rockfest 2007. In those days I was still playing through a very 1990s rack setup (ADA MP-1 preamp, BBE Sonic Maximizer et al.). Yeah, I eventually came around. At any rate, afforded a huge stage on which to perform, the rack rig was augmented heartily with this bi-amped monster. Paul provided a diagram to make sure all the cables knew where they were going. Needless to say, the results were glorious. Incidentally, it was rather amusing to assemble all of the above in my living room for a test run.

Please also note: Cheer-Accident and Satyricon stickers on the rack unit for added tone.