To degloss one’s neck

Let’s just be clear: I’ll never be mistaken for a luthier. I mean, really, I sort of despise even changing my own strings. So I’m not really sure where I got the idea that I should undertake something like altering the finish of one of my necks, but that’s what I did. Don’t get me wrong, this procedure isn’t on par with brain surgery or setting up a Floyd Rose, but I still had reservations.

The idea was to make slicker my Michael Kelly Patriot, possessor of a neck most glossy. So I procured some painter’s tape (Scotch), 1000 grit sandpaper (3M), and a beer (Boulevard E.S.B.) and, following the video below (except for the beer part), set about customizing my guitar. It was really easy and took hardly any time. Here are some pics anyway:

I’ve been using the guitar while giving lessons this week and am very pleased so far. Now, to turn this baby into a double-cutaway. Just kidding. Probably.


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