ARCHIVE | The TrueFire experience

Dusting off a video lesson: In late 2013 I was fortunate enough to find myself among the ten finalists for TrueFire’s “Next Top Guitar Instructor” competition. For those who don’t know, TrueFire is a massive interactive guitar instruction site featuring (and operated by) some very talented and respected figures in the world of guitar—and once in awhile the likes of yours truly. The competition involved several weeks of voting on video lessons submitted by the ten contestants. In the end, I got utterly destroyed, but that’s alright; it was a great experience and I got to interact with some fascinating musicians as well as have my playing and teaching exposed to a large audience.

Featured here, for posterity, is the video I presented as an audition for the competition, an esoteric little lesson that did the trick. (The contest videos themselves are still live on TrueFire’s YouTube channel. Make sure to read the user comments for insightful arguments on music theory topics, remarks about my hair and so on.)

And while you’re at it, click here to download the transcription of “Hybrid-picked legato triple stops.”


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