MACHINERY | ’70s Fender Pro Reverb



Sometime in the late ’80s (I think), a close friend of mind (and fellow guitar fanatic) traded some lesser amp and a couple of shotguns to my dad for this ’77 (I believe) Fender Pro Reverb. For years I told him that if he ever wanted to get rid of the thing, I’d need first shot. Well, he got rid of it, alright: He brought the amp to my place and gave it to me. Thank you, Dave Benscoter. This baby sounds gorgeous.

(In order to not really back up that last statement, here is an iPhone video of the amp in action with a Les Paul. The piece is called “The Human Voice.”)




2 Responses to “MACHINERY | ’70s Fender Pro Reverb”

  1. Troy, give me a yell…

    Larry- I had the shop next to you off of 291 Hwy.

    Take care buddy… nice to hear your music.

    • dukewisdom Says:

      Larry! Nice to hear from you. Plz email me at dukewisdom (at) (I’ll delete this message after I hear from you.) Cheers!

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