Muse Visitations

Of quick turnaround and seizure of inspiration.

Recently I’ve been contributing some lyrics to songs being written for The Stigmata Brothers, an upcoming project spearheaded by friend and sometimes collaborator E. Voeks. I was originally a member of this almost-band until a schedule collision made that impossible. But I’m still excitedly co-writing what I can.

This project has been framed for a few months; there is a definite end date and specific time frame for preparation of material. And I’ve had plenty of times set aside to devote to the work: plane rides, hotel rooms and leisurely days off work were ideally to yield results. Yet other than a few abortive lines – nothing.

Then, a few weeks back I hurried in from cutting the grass. Without missing a beat, without stopping for a beer I scrambled for a notebook. I’d come up with an entire song while pushing the mower. Whew. Hurray – the floodgates had opened!

Then: nothing more.

Finally yesterday I was emailed a demo of a song with completed choruses but only placeholder mumbles for the verses. Determining that the desired goal was not, in fact, some sort of blurry Michael Stipe-ian obfuscation, I pondered what was there. In a burst of inspiration (I guess that’s what it was), like some dime store Bernie Taupin I imagined a scenario and enough verses to fill the holes which I typed up and sent back to Stigmata central. Maybe 90 minutes later I was returned an updated version of the demo with said verses plugged in. It’s kind of a fascinating way to work.

E. joked that we’d have this pressed and on shelves by 6:00 pm, Sun Records style. If I could only bottle this type of productivity …


2 Responses to “Muse Visitations”

  1. Way cool, Troy. Glad to see someone write down the creative process. This inspires me to write about how the creativity process works in brewing beer, or at least how I brew.

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