I’ve added the category work to echoflower. Here’s what it’s about:

As a professional instructor between 1991 and 1999 I spent considerable time concocting finger workouts for the guitar. Initially the exercises (I would hesitate to call them all etudes, as that implies a certain musicality that isn’t always present – sometimes they’re just diabolical digit twisters) were privately circulated among my students. As I started to amass a varied cache of these fledgling-frustraters, I realized I really enjoyed creating them. This eventually led to me assembling a couple method books (as yet unpublished – did I mention that echoflower is a mechanism to kick myself in the ass to complete projects?) as well as contributing to various print and online magazines from time to time.

I’ve had requests for lessons of late and am seriously considering taking on a limited number of students. This has my brain churning new ideas specific to those asking. So I’m going to compile some of the older works here and create a space for those of the future.

The pieces marked work are just that – circuit training for the hands and brain, as much for me building them as for those practicing them.


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