It’s a midlife crisis

After creating echoflower a week ago I spent several days digging in boxes, riffling through forgotten folders, hunting high and low for material related to some of what will be the subjects of  upcoming entries. In 20+ years of playing guitar I’ve written a (still growing) stack of  music and have intermittently made a variety of “albums.” I put that in quotes because in a way it sounds a bit self-important. But, while some may only exist on CD-R in microscopic distribution, these albums, these collections of like things as well as the pages of unrecorded, unplayed notes are important to me.

I’m realizing now that this blog is a way of kicking myself in the ass to complete some long lingering projects and realize a few others. I turn 40 in a matter of days. If I left the earth tomorrow I feel that I would have made a positive impression on and contributed in some constructive way to the people I’ve known. That’s probably the most important thing one can do. In addition to that, however, I wish to leave a larger and more organized musical footprint. That’s what this is all about.

I have absolutely no interest in buying a motorcycle or having an affair. So – I think this project will be my midlife crisis. Of course, that implies I’ll only live to be 80, so I think I’ll call it a third-life crisis. Welcome to it.


One Response to “It’s a midlife crisis”

  1. mommycubed Says:

    congratulations for having control over your crisis! Cheers!

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