Why this?

Even before I got ambitious on a Sunday morning and signed up, WordPress already had 205,696 users. And I already have pages on FaceBook, Myspace, Live Journal and elsewhere upon which to post, ramble, blather, and otherwise squander time and electricity. So why bother? Why contribute to the barely navigable clutter and noise of the internet?

All of those other mediums are essentially stream-of-consciousness manifestations of me, outlets for what trips the trigger at any given moment. But, me being me, there is often an underlying (overriding?) theme of music in my thoughts. Hell, I can barely type up a summary of dinner without straying into some such tangential thought (Wishbone Ash, DJ Food and Prefab Sprout would be excellently pointless departures …). So, this blog is meant to be a focused repository for musical whatever, an online colander that lets only music through, a bandpass filter which blocks out non-musical topics. Yeah, something like that.

The name of this site comes from of a piece I wrote in about 1999. At that point in time I’d been playing music for over 15 years but had ceased to play live. I was teaching guitar professionally in those days and so was very involved with music but in no position to be in a band, to communally interact with like minds. When I got the urge to perform in public again the most feasible and direct way to do so was to play solo. So I started writing a set.  Echoflower was the first thing I came up with and as such symbolizes a renewal, a re-invigoration. It was a difficult set of years I went through but I did come away with some souvenirs.

And that was all during what I think of as a past life where inspiration was fleeting and creativity was tempered by crushing real world circumstances. Nowadays it seems I am constantly inspired by a life that is rich in every aspect. I hope to make this new place a house for pieces of the past and progressions of the present.




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